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Making time ... for "Me" Time

It was almost 4 PM and there were still a lot of emails to get through. The pile of laundry seemed to have a life of it's own. There was still a number of chores to get through that were top of mind , an important presentation to prep for, a dinner date with friends planned, errands to run, my son had his piano recital coming up......... a never ending list of things clouded my mind and I experienced a sense of overwhelm. Have you had this feeling?

As distractions and endless tasks compete for your attention , your energy experiences a big dip - you feel drained , maybe even burnt out. What you are really craving is a break , a way to get revitalized . This is where "Me" Time comes in. Read on to learn more about the importance of Me Time and how you can carve out your own Me Time to fortify yourself and attain mental clarity.

What is Me Time?

Simply put Me Time is time you take for yourself away from commitments , your other demands to get away and spend time by yourself. It gives you a chance to be alone in your thoughts, doing activities you like. A judgement free zone where you are able to be honest and introspect and let it all hang loose. Sounding attractive already ? :) It should. It's a surefire way to get your stress level down. If a massage helps you relax , Me time is your massage for your mind and soul. OK am sold! But I don't have time .. what can I do??? Got you covered , read on.

How Do I do Me Time?

Don't go booking an all day spa day - Me Time doesn't have to be something super elaborate. For people who complain that they don't have time for this - I tell them it can be done any part of the day and for as small a duration as 10-15 mins. That's all you really need to supercharge your batteries.

Here are common ways to sneak in a shorter Me Time

* Wake up 15 mins earlier than you usually do in the morning : Now I know you are going to say you hate waking up early or you and your snooze button are great friends. However, think about this - would you mind getting up 10-15 mins early to have some fun ? I bet you won't - no commitments, no meetings, no obligations - just doing something that relaxes you.

* When you feel overwhelmed - drop everything and take a 10-15 min break to grab some time .

Want something bigger? You can also plan a longer Me Time and incorporate it in your routine. Over the last two years I step out for a solo hike / brunch over the weekends. I go alone - no one else accompanies me and I am left to my thoughts. I really feel ready to take on the world after!

My Me Time Favs

I also wanted to share some favorite ways I unwind and relax .. come up with a list of your own or feel free to steal mine :)

Short Me Time Ideas

* Do a 10 minute guided meditiation from youtube

* Do a "chai " party - pick a netflix show or my favorite book and chill out in the yard ... bliss

* Journal for 10 -15 mins. New to journaling? See how to get started

* Go out for a 30 min walk around the neighborhood listening to some stand up comedy or music

* Solo trip to the library (yes, I love books and love being around them , I confess)

* At home spa day (good movie/ episode, cooling face mask, a glass of your fav beverage )

Longer Me Time Ideas

* Solo hike to your favorite hike spot. Play some relaxing music or listen to an audiobook. Get inspired

* Some alone brunch time! Go to your favorite brunch place , relax in the patio - sip a cup of lavender latte and your fav brunch item ... aaah.. you feel the stress melting away. I love reading a book / journaling here too.

* Solo road trip :) If you really want to get away for a longer time - consider a solo road trip to a place you've always wanted to visit

That's it for this post , folks! Hopefully you are inspired to carve out some time for yourself. Would love to know what activities you do to recharge / get reenergized. What's your Me Time routine like?

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