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Youtube Favs #1 : Favorite youtube shorts creator

People who know me will tell you am a bit of a youtube junkie - here's where am able to discover a lot of ideas from flipping real estate to FIRE to productivity to book recommendations to camping in a van to. fun recipes to try =) - the spectrum is endless. So this is post is about me cataloging some favorite content creators on youtube .

Now who made the boss of judging good creators on youtube ? :P no one - but it's my blog so move over :)

Category #1 : Youtube Shorts

Just when I thought our attention spans could not get any shorter we have the world of tik tok and youtube shorts. Youtube shorts are addictive and there are some real humor gems on there that will have you chucking. I see a lot of creators creating these exclusively now..

1) Luke Davidson : If you like humor skits - you should check out this guy. I especially love his skits around parent/kid relationships and teacher/student ones . He uses some software to create these funny distortions (not sure what that is..) that make this extra funny ..

Also special mention are his "Likes for that" compilation where he looks at seemingly inane videos that seem to have had a large number of views and likes and replicates them - like this one

2) Jay & Sharon: In my opinion one of the most under-rated comedy creators on youtube shorts. Jay does this hilarious sketches like how to be cheap; dating tips and so on. His humor is seriously next level... in this short about parenting in 2036 his daughter tells him she is meta-pregnant. DEAD :D

3) Ray William Johnson: This guy kills at observational comedy. His roasts of people and "why do people do this" observations are spot on and are sure to tickle that funny bone

Do you have any creators you love on youtube shorts? Leave a comment below

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